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Lidaria, a Spanish food product distribution company where we seek to give a new approach to olive oil in international markets and make known a natural and traditional product of our country.

We focus on offering high quality extra virgin olive oil from the fruits of the bicentennial olive trees on the “Los Cortijillos” estate in Jaén. We develop natural, traditional and innovative products by taking risks with olive oils with flavours of other typical Spanish products such as Iberian ham.

With our range of high quality extra virgin olive oils, our clients will be able to experience and know all the potential and richness of olive oil in its different forms and enjoy the authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Lidaria presents the range of Spanish extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) with traditional and innovative flavours combining traditional Mediterranean food flavours. 

Within our range of Spanish AOVE we highlight the traditional and natural products of strong and soft EVOO, which differ only in the varieties of olives from which they come.

In addition, we have developed a range of previously unknown flavoured oils such as Ham and Smoked so that international consumers can enjoy two pure Spanish flavours from our land.

And that of Ginger and Sweet Almond so that they can experience the potential that olive oil has in pairing with typical foods from other cultures.

Products of the highest quality, with natural aromas and previous market research to see the products with the best acceptance.

Lidaria, Spanish food product distribution company. We work on the adaptability of the product with specific designs for each target market, focusing on the consumption preferences of our customers, without limitations and totally original.

At Lidaria we do not seek clients for our products, we seek to make the best product for each client.